About Us

Who are we?

Started by Hopkins natives with deep roots in the community, Hopkins Halal has been a vision in work for the past several years. We are community-oriented grocery store featuring the exceptional Gedi Grill—our passion for service, excellent food, and exceptional products stems from a deep desire to meet the needs of our community members and provide them with a space to experience a cultural awakening in taste and east African products.

Hopkins Halal is a social enterprise that is culturally focused on east African infused foods and products. We are a locally owned and sourced ethnic grocery store located in the heart of downtown Hopkins. Our full-service Gedi Grill features east African, Mediterranean, and American inspired foods. Our grocery store offers global products with a focus on east African originated spices, meats, and produce.

Halal certified

Essentially, the term Halal means permissible in Arabic. At Hopkins Halal our grocery store products and meats are halal, the term halal deprives from the Muslim tradition, in Islamic law, products and foods must go through certain techniques to be considered halal. We strive to perform all techniques on slaughtering our meats, so they are 100% halal, fresh, and cut to perfection. All of our products in the grocery side of Hopkins are 100% halal certified, we want to earn your trust in our halal foods and products and become your neighborhood go to grocery store and grill.

Reviews From Our Customers

What customers are saying about us
Hopkins Halal is a phenomenal ethnic store in our community. The staff are friendly, the products are wonderful, and the prices are unbeatable. We are lucky to have them in our Hopkins community!
Charlotte V.
A little east African paradise! My husband and I went in there to get ingredients for Somali tea. An abundance of products, wonderful staff to greet and answers all our questions about the different products, and in the heart of our downtown area, we truly love Hopkins Halal and are fortunate to have them so close to our home!
Sue and Bruce K.